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Introducing Predict '21

21ST-25TH June 2021

Technology is rapidly transforming the way we live and work. Covid-19 has accelerated the delivery of unprecedented change across industries, which would not have survived without adapting.


Technological advances are fuelling a very different future workplace and young people will live very different lives to the ones they can currently imagine.


This June, Speakers for Schools will launch Predict '21 to shine a light on the opportunities that technology can bring.


Innovation is integral to every sector and industry and young people will discover the way in which technology will increasingly weave through their work and personal life, and the importance of technology in many roles which they may consider in their career, whether or not they aspire to work in the tech sector, green industry, law, fashion, art, finance or construction.


By working alongside leading employers and start-ups, this campaign will introduce young people to the varied ‘tech accelerated’ roles and expose them to employers and careers they may not have considered or knew existed. We will be working with influential employers and speakers specialising in coding, cyber-security, augmented reality, digital fashion, sustainable food, fintech and more.

Predict will inspire young people to envisage the career opportunities ahead of them. Through leadership, advice and practical action, this field holds huge opportunities for them and their future.

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